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welcome to the home page

Every page is available from the top menu. There are one or two things that we don't have. Some because we are not sure they work. A contact form is one. Others are due to the facts that we may not be able to sort out how to make them. This being the case with a shop. It's on the things to do list.

Tea growing in Scottland is in it's infancy (2016) and the learning curve is more of a ski slope than a gentle hill side. There have been some challenges but on the whole it is a very scenic journey and days are full of good things.

To help you get along a little, 

Home is where you are;

About page, is of  a chatty nature as you would expect,

Garden Diary, has all the info about when the garden is open. The times and day's will be an approximate at the moment. For the Day visitor there is an outline of what's to be enjoyed. As well as some info on the Evening opening.

Garrocher Tea, the place to go for all the info on what we grow, some links to Radio and TV articles, and a few choice quotes, with a little news about other tea growers

Emporium, gives a list of the tea usually on the display shelves at the Farmers Markets attended. With rather longer description's of the of the tea from Garrocher and Dalreoch.

Garden Blogwhere talk is of many things but mostly the garden doings,

Tea Blog holds on to the blogs on the WordPress sites. At some point I will find out how to connect them all to the website.















Garrocher Tea Garden